About Us

About Us

Paint and Chemical Industry Trade CNS. Ltd. Sti. silk screen, pad printing inks and auxiliary materials associated with the sale of advertising in this sector, automotive, glass, ceramics, cd-dvd, credit card promotion, electronics, white goods, label stickers,serving various industries, including textiles ...

Our company is on the roof of brands and products; Printcolor Screen, Time, RKS, Technigraf, Remco, Foteco, Clear Edge, Sony, TecaPrint, composed of the companies, such as a leader in.

All kinds of special printing inks, silk, silk stretching, aluminum profile production, emulsions, shadow wipers, squeegee rubbers, such as the manufacture of steel plateused in printing all kinds of products, fast service, quality materials and intelligent solutions to our customers. Our mission is to sell long-term partners with our clients to work with many, many years as a continuous and active exchange of mutual ideas serve.

Our experienced staff and we are constantly in touch with foreign partners by following the new developments in the industry reflects this innovation to our customers instant, high quality work and help them to get yield.

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